D3 Innovation Center, Montreal, Canada

Where Tissue Engineering Meets Extracorporeal Therapy

Encapcell is committed to improve extracorporeal circulatory treatments for patients suffering from liver failure using advances in cell and tissue engineering.


Encapcell Technologies is a medtech startup based in Montreal, Canada. Our mission is to build the first bioartificial liver device (BLAD) that can effectively treat patients suffering from liver failure.


Our Technology

The BALD will be able to metabolize and detoxify components in the blood by using an artificially engineered liver tissue housed within our proprietary bioreactor technology.

Our Team

We have an interdisciplinary team with backgrounds in science, engineering and business.

Radu Alexandru Paun


Shawana Habib

Product Development

Anya Pogharian


Vivian Eberle

Business Development

Scientific Advisors

Massimiliano Paganelli, MD, PhD

Hepatologist – CHU Sainte Justine
Co-Founder – Morphocell Technologies

Claudia Raggi, MD, PhD

Research Associate – CHU Sainte Justine 
Co-Founder – Morphocell Technologies

Business Advisors

Margaret Bywater-Ekegärd, MD, PhD

CEO – Morphocell Technologies
Founder – Inocucor Technologies

Jiro Kondo, PhD

Assistant Professor of Finance – McGill University